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Datachem CSCP 在线题库

版本: 3.0

用电脑进行交互式的学习对你来说是否更容易?答案是肯定的,APICS提供给你一个电子学习助手!由Datachem Software, Inc.公司设计的一套在线题库,涵盖APICS知识体系的相关主题,提供认证考试模拟试题和答案,及相关的专业解释。


SCPprep Version 3.0, released in April 2017, is a software program consisting of a database of questions, answers, and explanations that together comprise a system for exam preparation. The database has over 750 questions in 3 main topic areas. The 3 main topics are as follows:

  • Supply Chain Design
  • Supply Chain Planning and Execution
  • Supply Chain Improvement and Best Practices

System Requirements:
Online Programs will work on internet connected devices (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.) running any of the following browsers:  Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Edge.

Various Lengths of Time: 90-days License